WWM was founded in 2015 to commemorate SG50; the best time to launch a new concept for the new era. WWM delivers world class content through various channels including print, online and events.

Our company offers a communication platform for key travel businesses including tourism boards, airlines, hotels and travel agents with quality content, bringing product providers and consumers together.

We aim to grow from being a magazine publisher to a global multi media company with a growing portfolio of market-leading products.


The Team


Managing Director / Publisher

With an illustrious career in the publishing industry in the Southeast Asia region, Cecilia brings more than 30 years of experience and knowledge in the contact publishing business.  Over the years, she has built a strong repute among industry partners such as national tourism offices (NTOs), fellow publishers and distributors. In addition, her immense exposure in both the local and international arena has enabled her to build extensive networks with business contacts and customers, which also includes overseas publishers and international media representatives.


General Manager

Lilian has a solid foundation in management and office administration, with over 30 years of experience under her belt. Helping out in her family business, which deals with import and export, has helped her develop well-rounded skills, where her strengths lie in marketing as well as building close rapport with both clients and personnel. A born traveller and adventurer, Lilian leads an active lifestyle and enjoys short escapades to exotic locations where she can relax and refresh her mind.


Assistant Editor

Having an affinity with linguistics since young, Cherlyn has a passionate love for reading and writing, whether it may be fiction books, lifestyle magazines, fashion blogs or even the occasional gossip article. Growing alongside the Internet, she has combined her fascination with new media together with her literary passions in her studies, graduating from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) degree in Communication and New Media. You will often find her snuggled up at home with a good read, though she is easily lured out with promises of good food and entertainment.


Admin & Marketing Executive

After 10 years of experience in the retail sales sector, Melisah sought a new career opportunity by taking up sales and administrative work with a business consultancy firm, and has never looked back since. Today, she works closely with the Managing Director in WWM, and even strives to further challenge herself by taking on the challenging role of Admin & Marketing Executive. As a budding entrepreneur herself, she compiles both her interests and creative ideas into her work, developing strategic marketing campaigns for the company and its services. A mother of two, Melisah enjoys spending time with her family and taking nature walks in the park with her children.